Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend photo-journey: Part 2!

Day 9 (Happy Father's Day, Dad!)

After visiting both Cape Coast and Elmina on Saturday, we left to go to our hotel that evening, which was, to our utter surprise and amazement, more like a luxurious resort! I thought, Toto, we're not in Ghana anymore. We stayed in adorable little bungalows disguised as thatch-roof huts. And they even had AC (this was huge, my friends)! Unfortunately, my camera died on the ride there, and I didn't have a chance to charge the battery until later that night so I don't have any photos to show. But, oh lawdy, it was nice. A short walk away from our bungalows was a ridiculously overpriced outdoor restaurant, a bar, and a pool right next to the beach. Of course, our first stop was the bar where I ordered a glass of wine like the very hip and cool underage person I am. I chased my drink with a plate of what I hoped was mac and cheese but was more like pasta with a cheesy alfredo sauce (or I guess high-brow mac and cheese?). We then went to check out the beach where within a few minutes we were chased away by sandcrabs (the animals are all ninjas here, I tell you!). Ultimately, it was a lovely night with friends and a wonderful prequel to the trip we had in store the following day!

Kakum!!! On Sunday, we drove to this rainforest to walk along these foot-wide planks suspended with ropes a million feet above the forest floor! There were 7 rope bridges in total. To be completely honest, I have less to say than to show you these photographs (that hardly express even a fraction of how incredible this experience was). I was in awe.

Taking my first steps...

Looking down!

One of those times you feel so small.


At about this point in the walk it started to rain on us.

Gaaah! I have no words, no words. I would relive this a hundred times over if I could.

A perfect ending to the week.
Nante yie!

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