Thursday, June 14, 2012

Taking it easy

Day 6

Today’s post will be a brief one! I had one class today in the late evening so I took the opportunity to relax and just take in the day. Like I mentioned before, I spent most of the morning finishing Memoirs and writing the last blog post. The rest of the day, I did little more than nap, snack, shower, and then toddle on over to African dance class. Class was very laid back this time, less of a workout. Our instructor, Ben, taught us a few more dance, chant, and clapping combinations which were strangely therapeutic. We would repeat certain routines 20-30 times to solidify them in our heads, but since they were more or less simple enough to do, it almost felt like we were meditating. I cannot sing enough praises for this class. It is a much-appreciated end to a long day.

So funny here, how because Ghana is resting right on the equator, we have just about a perfect twelve hours of daylight. For us, the sun sets neat and tidy around 6 pm, making the night feel longgg. Some people choose to go out around this time and hit up the nightlife, but for those of us who stay in, we end up going to bed pretty early. I am all ready to hit the hay tonight because TOMORROW we are going to tour downtown Accra. Get ready for pictures! Lots of pictures. Also, I am very amped to check out the market and do a little bartering. Nothing like driving down foreigner prices and feeling like a super savvy entrepreneur. I hope to find some fantastic souvenirs for all of my special friends back home. You so special, you.

Goodnight, nante yie!

Listening to Loro by Pinback tonight. Takes me back... :)

P.S. I plan to have a lot of photos up by this coming Monday! Stay tuned for that!

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