Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My days here are so diverse, I can never think of good titles for them!

Day 10

This morning, I resolved to start my day with some “me” time. Those who know me at home know I fry the living daylights out of hair... often. Considering Ghana’s sub-saharan climate of high 80’s heat and ridiculous humidity, you might say packing my straightener (and other cosmetics) was against my better judgement. I realize worrying about my looks here can be a needless distraction from my overall experience, but let me tell you how wonderful it felt to have just a moment of control over my appearance and my body. I showered, did my hair, lined my eyes, and showed my favorite dress some sun. My self-esteem could have rivaled Marilyn Monroe's! I felt happier, more energetic, and more outgoing today than I had the past few days. That said, I have literally no one to impress here, but I can't explain it. Could be the female condition. Well, they say life's a show so let's all throw on more makeup and get a nose job! Yeah! No? Oh, okay.

Anyhow, after I felt well-pampered, I left the hostel to go pick up my textbook for my Twi class at the campus bookstore. The staff inside directed me to the book within moments, so I decided to stick around and browse for a bit. Among the various collegiate publications written by local Ghanaian thinkers and scholars, I found some interesting (and by interesting, I mean seriously weird) material. The very first thing to catch my eye was a smiling Donald Trump on the cover of his ever-so-generous book that purports to teach plebs how to enter the 1% (or try?). How anyone here can benefit from such privileged advice in a struggling African economy, I would be tickled pink to know. I also stumbled upon an entire shelf of 90’s romance novels in the popular reading section. Where did these come from?! I honestly thought the only people who read romance novels were over the age of 40. In any case, in a university bookstore it was akin to a seeing a Cosmo in the Smithsonian. Finally, the big kicker. One shelf in the popular reading section contained two whole rows of the Hannah Montana and High School Musical book series. Initially, I thought hoped I was looking at the kids section, until I discovered the actual kids section moments later on the other end of the store. I hope I'm not the only one thinking, what is this I don’t even? If they serve a greater purpose than dust collectors, I give up.

In the afternoon, a few of us went to the mall to pick up some amenities. I got to taste some of their pizza! Not bad, not bad, though it’s no Blind Onion. Unfortunately, during this shopping trip I missed a rare opportunity to visit Agbogbloshie with the S.I.S.S. volunteer group. Agbogbloshie is a slum in Accra that is largely known for the environmental dumping of e-waste (like old computers) from industrialized nations. About 40,000 Ghanaians live in this area in what I hear are extremely squalid conditions. Some of the girls who I spoke with after they went described it as so unpleasant and uncomfortable that they would never want to go back. We actually drove past it a few days ago during our tour of the city, and what I saw briefly was... unsettling. The lagoon that flowed through it was literally a river composed entirely of garbage and waste. I hope to see it up close once before I leave. As I mentioned the other day, there is a good number people who live here by choice rather than necessity, and I am eager to understand their way of life!

Finished up the night with a few friends and Bridesmaids. I lol’d. Hilarious. Do watch it if you haven’t already. My list of favorite chick flicks isn’t long, but this sure tops it. 

Cheers to another day :)
Nante yie

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  1. Glad you decided to have a "me" day. It does give you a lift when you look good and makes you remember who you were before you got there! The bookstore inventory is definitely interesting....and weird. Love you and miss you!