Friday, July 20, 2012

'Merica! Farewell dinner

Day 39
18 July 2012

Hello, Wednesday! Thank goodness, I was feeling fully recovered when I woke up that morning. After I finished my last essay, Ridhi and I decided to go out and walk down the street near campus to see if we could find anything interesting. It was... a lot less climactic than we anticipated. A lot of little stores like dress shops and mini-mart type shops situated next to each other. I think that was the only bummer thing about our living arrangements for the past six weeks. For the purposes of school, living on campus made things convenient, but we ended up being a bit far from everything worth seeing/doing in Accra. Those taxis fares rack up fast!

Afterwards, we all congregated to get ready for our early farewell dinner before we all go our separate ways. With no one to even prompt us, we all wore our African printed dress that the seamstresses, Jane and Lizbeth, made for us. We were a sight, I tell ya. My obroni family is so beautiful <3

We piled onto a bus to head over to Abigail’s sister’s house to eat a dinner we’d been anticipating for WEEKS. It was our, what do you call it, “readjustment” dinner? Basically, we got to have American food. A LOT of it. We’re talking beef stew, mac and cheese, garlic bread, potato salad, chicken salad, mashed potatoes, veggies, and lasagna! I mean, look at this pig trough...

 I’m a little embarrassed...

Matthew! I got to hear this talent not once, but twice tonight! (Corey and I got him to come serenade us later after dinner, hehe) King of jazz, this one.

With Adelaide and Priscilla!

Unfortunately, I was so frustrated with the bulkiness of my camera that I snapped hardly any photos. Which is why I'm waiting for all my obroni lovelies to put theirs on Facebook so I can snatch 'em ;) Ahem hem.

Aye. Goodnight. Great night.

Nante yie,

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