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Getting caught up

9 July 2012

Nothing of interest happened on Monday (no joke) so here's some photos I should have posted a long time ago!

 Remember that sunrise I described on Day 3? :)

 The night market where I make daily stops to buy fresh mango, papaya, watermelon, pineapple, bananas, passionfruit, and oranges galore! And also fresh baked bread in the morning, mmm.

The colorful little playground at the basic school, where I get to visit my kids <3

 We have our classes here at the International House, which is also home to the USAC office.

Fabulously geometric landscaping inside the outdoor lobby of the International House.

 A major contrast to the U.S. that I noticed right away is residential integration. It's hard to travel far in Accra without noticing this juxtaposition: grandiose displays of wealth situated perfectly adjacent to degradation and poverty. You can see the security measures that mansion owners use, like high walls and barbed/electrified wire (I assume as a precaution from the desperate/needy). I'd be interested to learn how individuals of opposite socioeconomic statuses interact as neighbors!

A sign outside on the doorpost at the S.I.S.S. headquarters. So heartwarming to see in person the international presence of the organization (Amnesty!) I grew up with in high school.

One of the roads close to campus. As you can see, no street markings. No road signs. No speed limits. No road. Yet, people seem to manage!

A popular vocation for women is to open their own salon! Women here work magic with their hair. Braids, weaves, wigs... gorgeous stuff.

This is Brutus. He has so graciously allowed us to share his turf with him for six weeks.

A typical plate of Ghanaian cuisine! Getting my carb fix. Every. Single. Day.

This is fufu! Fufu is a kind of fat fluffy cornmeal-based ball that you're supposed to eat in small pieces. The catch? You have to swallow it, not chew it. Not everyone in our group is a fan, haha.

Nyaho! Fun times at the hospital. I won't forget them.

Abandoned concrete castles. Eerie.

At the home of my sociology idol, W.E.B. Du Bois!

Little did I know he's buried here too! I could only dream of accomplishing in twenty years what he did in two.

On the way through Accra...

At the main judicial court HQ in Accra: "Justice is NOT for sale! Justice is your right. Play your role to ensure it. Desist in taking or offering bribes."

Remember my brain-expanding visit to Kwame Nkrumah's memorial? Here's the man himself (or, at least the metal-plated version) pointing in the direction of north, toward progress.

This is the memorial itself, designed to look like the trunk of a tree. This is because Kwame Nkrumah laid the foundation with the work he did toward his vision of a united Africa. It's up to us to nurture its growth!

 Craziest vandalism I've ever heard of. This is the head of the original Kwame statue that was erected. A super devoted fan lady had taken it and displayed it in her living room for around 40 years before it was returned to the memorial. Whatchu got on that Beliebers?

 These junior high kids were visiting the memorial too! Here, they are joining us to take group photos together.

Waving goodbye. The sweetest moment of my whole day <3

Fried tilapia, plantains, cabbage and cucumber salad, and spicy banku! Mmmm.

At the oceanside of Accra we passed by a small market. I believe this is relatively close to Agbogbloshie.

I love the way mothers carry around their children on their backs. Apparently, carrying children (especially the girls) in this fashion during their development widens their hip bones so that giving birth later in life is virtually painless for them. Also, a baby is close to the mother's heartbeat, which lulls them to sleep in minutes! My entire time here I have not seen a single baby crying while it is being carried like this.

The art market! Where I never hope to spend extended amounts of time again, PHEW.

1957 - Happy birthday, Ghana!

The new presidential palace! Where the legislature is held.

I believe that somewhat catches my trip up to speed, photo-wise!

Nante yie,

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